Welcome at 't Klompje



Since 1998 't Klompje has been
for rent for people that are looking
for a special place for a cycling
or hiking holiday, a romantic weekend,
or just a place where peace is
still the most natural thing in the world.

Unique location

The cottage is situated in a quiet
street with a free overview of the
fields at the back and in the
background there is a Dike with old
trees maintained by Natuurmonumenten.
Around the small village, there is a ring
with 4 streets towards it and there are
meadows, forests and croplands.


Short information

This holiday retreat is suitable for 2
persons with the possibly for a child
of 3 years old, and is found in the very
rural village of Oud-Sabbinge.
This small village is situated between
Goes and Middelburg. The distance
to the Veerse Meer is 1 km.
You will find the holiday retreat
named ’t Klompje (it used to be a
former wooden shoe production) in
a quiet street. The translation of
Klomp=Wooden Shoe. 

So we can say, space, peace and
quiet. Beautiful walks can be made
from the cottage, Oud Sabbinge has
its own walking network center, the
Kiekendiefpad, alongside and across
the fields, dikes forest and alongside
the Veerse Meer. 't Klompje is also a
perfect place for bird lovers and is only
on a short distance from the Middelplaten.



It is charming and cozy. There is
one bedroom, a Child Bed and a
afoldaway bed on request. There is
cable TV, a stereo system and
secured high- speed wireless internet.


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